Bespoke Services

‘Bespoke Services’ means Services specifically created by Sweet Lottie keepsakes to be provided to the Customer in accordance with an order.


Bespoke items include hand embroidered elements. The cost of an item will be dependent on the amount of information the Customer requests. The cost of an item will be agreed between Sweet Lottie Keepsakes and the Customer and will not be altered unless additional inclusions are requested.

Agreed Design

Once an item has been agreed the detail will be sent to the customer via letter and / or email. The details of the request will be outlined. The Customer will be requested to verify the following:
• Spelling of names
• Accuracy of dates
• Accuracy of any personal messages requested
• Accuracy if any imagery requested

Sweet Lottie keepsakes will require written, by letter or email, confirmation of the information outlined to them. No work will begin until the confirmation of the details has been received. The Customer’s confirmation will then act as the template for the design.


A bespoke item will require a fifty percent deposit, which is non-refundable if the order is cancelled. Personalised items cannot be sold on and the non-refundable deposit will cover the cost of wasted material and labour costs. On completion of the item, the Customer will be contacted and goods dispatched on receipt of the outstanding amount owed.


Sweet Lottie Keepsakes are bespoke and involve hand embroidered elements. A reasonable timescale must be allowed for the hand stitched process. A minimum of thirty days will be required form order to completion.


Bespoke Items are non-refundable. Please note that once fabrics have been cut, embroidered and supplied to you as a custom made item, that is, made to your specifications you do not have the right to return it if it is unsuitable. Refunds will only be given for goods damaged in transit and faulty goods.

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Owner Sweet Lottie Keepsakes

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